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Chickenpox Vaccination Clinic in Maida Vale

The chickenpox vaccine is a safe and effective way to protect you or your child against chickenpox. It is given as two injections, usually in the upper arm or thigh.

The vaccine contains a small amount of the weakened (attenuated) varicella zoster virus that causes chickenpox. This isn’t enough virus to give you chickenpox but is enough for your immune system to develop a defence (antibodies) against the virus. Your immune system remembers these antibodies and can produce them again, making you resistant to the virus.

Who should have the chickenpox vaccine?

The vaccine is recommended for people who are not immune to chickenpox and are in close contact with people at risk of becoming seriously ill if they catch it.

How to book your vaccination...

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Step 1

Book your consultation and first vaccination using the form below.

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Step 2

Receive your first vaccination after a
consultation in store.

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Step 3

Return for your second vaccination at
least six weeks later.

Things you need to know before you book:

  • The service consists of two doses given at separate appointments
  • Each appointment needs to be booked and payment will be taken in the pharmacy
  • The service is for those aged between 1 and 65 years at the time of the first dose
  • The service isn’t suitable for anyone who:
    • is pregnant, trying for a baby or breastfeeding
    • has a weakened immune system
    • has received the MMR vaccine in the previous 4 weeks

This isn’t a complete list and suitability will be checked before the vaccination is given.

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Chickenpox Vaccination in Maida Vale

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